Could Your Dream Job Be In Sales and Marketing? Apollo Enterprise Inc. Review New Research

    JERSEY CITY, NJ, February 25, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ — A recent study conducted by recruitment specialists Glassdoor, revealed that roles within sales and marketing are currently among the most desirable jobs in America. The study found that for the majority of American’s a ‘dream job’ is a role that can offer high earning potential, great advancement opportunities, and frequent job openings. Apollo Enterprise Inc.[1] have experienced first-hand how the sales and marketing industry fits this bill and are confident that the popularity of such and exciting and fast paced industry could be set to rise even further throughout 2015.

About Apollo Enterprise Inc.:[2]

The study by Glassdoor titled ’25 best jobs in America for 2015′ and published by Business Insider UK on the 28th of January, asked employees to rank job roles against a five point scale, with 5.0 being very high and 1.0 being incredibly low. Factors ranked on the scale were the average base salary of the role, availability of career opportunities and the average number of open job listings each role offers. The scores from each factor were then compiled to give each job role an average ‘job score’ from which the top 25 were then selected. With sales and marketing coming 6th and 10th respectively, whilst business development roles ranked an impressive 3rd, Apollo Enterprise Inc. are excited to see the positive effects these results will have on sales and marketing and are confident that the study could bring a whole new generation of talent to the industry.

With such a brilliant result, Apollo Enterprise Inc. believe that the study proves once and for all that the interest in sales and marketing is indeed growing and that people are becoming more aware of the unique progression opportunities the industry can offer. With more people than ever before interested in the sales and marketing industry the firm are hopeful that in the coming months they will be able to dramatically increase their current workforce and grow both their business and their client base. To support any possible future growth, the firm believe it’s vital to first have a strong team in place and to do this; they have developed their own programme that allows their representatives to learn the required skills and knowledge to progress into business leadership. The programme has helped the firm nurture and support a strong network of business leaders, some of which have since found success through the establishment of their own exciting ventures. Apollo Enterprise Inc. are keen to continue to share their knowledge of sales and marketing and support young professionals, the firm would therefore love to hear from anyone interested in learning more about the exciting opportunities they offer.

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